Client Rewards Program

Infinity Digital Consulting Rewards

Infinity Digital Consulting Rewards is the ultimate way to do what you love – and get rewarded for it. Rewards are set up on a tier level. The more time accrued and referrals to Infinity Digital Consulting earn you higher tiers. Every 6 months – or executed referral you earn – gets you closer to the next tier of membership.

Silver Rewards

  • Achieved after 6 months of loyalty or 2 executed referralss

5% off your current monthly retainer

  • Exclusive IDC Rewards Member
    • Discounts on all outside the agreement creative and marketing efforts.
  • Access to expedited special request form.

Gold Rewards

  • Year of loyalty and or 5 executed referrals

Enjoy all the perks of Silver membership, along with the following:

  • Tier Multiplier – 10% Bonus off your current monthly retainer
  • Extended VIP phone line for expedited turnaround time of all custom creative.

01. Contract Negotiations

  • 2 Years of loyalty and or 8 executed referrals

Experience everything Gold members do, plus the following:

  • Tier Multiplier – 15% Bonus off your current monthly retainer
  • VIP concierge phone Access to event ticketing.

04. Transformation

All the benefits of Gold membership, enhanced with:

  • Tier Multiplier – 20% Bonus off your current monthly retainer
  • Priority for everything
  • Platinum Experience In all communication