Social Media Marketing

Are You Hungry?

In modern days human consumption is considered an epidemic. Don’t quote me on that but if it isn’t it should be. Next time you go anywhere look around. Virtually everyone will be on their smart phone. What are they doing? Humans are creatures of habit. You may not even realize it but depending on the scenario people develop anywhere from 4 to 11 habits when something alerts them to their phone. So, think about how many times you get a call, email or text in a day. Well, these are all opportunities to chaptalize on the hungry potential sale or client. Let’s take a hypothetical journey together. Whatever your profit centers are it follows the same basic principal. A client has been thinking about something that makes your cash register sing. Talking about it with friends on social media and consuming content about it but hasn’t made a move yet. Well then, they get a text while waiting for their coffee at Starbucks. That text will then stem off to one of the human habits. After responding or not to the test they will then check into the habits. Quick Facebook glance, peek in at Instagram to see how many likes there most recent pix have and so on and so forth. With the insider trading info that we gather we can pin point the specific client or shopper and FEED them the call to action content they are dying to eat.

Create the conditions in which people want to buy from.

People are very connected these days. And their connectivity is something we know how to leverage –very well.
Because at the end of the day, this is simply about attention & trust – we can’t sell anything to anyone without their attention, first, then their trust.
So, we’ll build experiences & communities that form relationships with your people by humanizing & socializing your brand through content & conversations – not that push marketing, disruptive ad, or mobile banner that annoys us all.
Remember, we no longer search for the news; the news searches for us. And Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, et. al., are now CBS, Fox, NBC, and your content is Oprah, MASH, Seinfeld, etc.

Video & Social Media Marriage

A few years ago, video and social met at the altar. Well, let’s just say I don’t see a divorce anytime in the near future.
If a picture is worth a thousand words, then video is worth infinity. (Pun Intended) Video has become the craving that the public can’t go without.


A lot of the video (and like content) we do these days is something we like to call Micro-Content. Micro-Content is highly contagious. It acts as the hook. Micro-content is content created natively for the platform it lives on, with respect to the nuances of usage and user behavior. It’s short, consumable pieces of infotainment. It’s the stuff that you engage with on a day-to-day basis; those Ryan Gosling “Hey Girl“ Memes, that Stop-Motion Nike Flyknit videos, those funny Cat Clips, the How-To & other utility or newsworthy content you consume daily. The cooking vids from Tasty, the GoPro & Nat Geo Instagram & Snap Stories. The stuff that captivates you for a minute and provokes you to share and talk about; that’s Micro-Content.