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Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing And Other Effective Marketing Techniques

The retail world is becoming more and more competitive and one or two marketing techniques are no longer enough to remain competitive. You now have to apply virtually all the techniques that are available. Some effective marketing techniques have been outlined below

Social media marketing

This technique is not so old but its effectiveness has made it a common marketing technique. Social media marketing is the process of marketing your products on social media. Social media marketing thrives because the world is crazy about social media.

The usual first step is to open social media accounts for your businesses. Then, you gather a lot of followers by posting informative messages regularly. Gradually, you will build great followership. Sending informative posts about a particular niche makes you an authority in the niche and your products will be trusted more.

Your followers are ready audience for you to market new products, services, and promotional offers. The longer any one remains your follower, the more he gets attached to your brand. Social media marketing also includes brand maintenance on social media.

Social media offers you opportunity to correct wrong perception about your brand as some customers will definitely vent their anger and express their grievances on social media. You can also use it to get quick feedbacks.

Search engine optimization (SEO)

This is about the oldest and most effective online marketing technique. Before buying any product, about 60 percent of buyers usually search about the product and the best places to get it. Unfortunately, search engines usually return hundreds of result pages and people hardly check beyond the fifth page. Without search engine optimization, your website will not appear among the first few pages thereby making its chances of being seen almost zero.

SEO comprises of all the efforts you take to increase the ranking of your website so that it will be among the first few websites returned by search engines. What makes SEO more effective than other techniques is the fact that it does not just attract visitors, it attracts more of ready buyers. So, it offers higher conversion rate.

An effective SEO technique is the use of Google Adwords. When you pay Google for certain keywords, your website will appear among the first few when any of the keywords is searched.

Email marketing

Email marketing is also an old technique and it is still effective for those who know how to use it. The idea is to keep sending informative but profiled mails to your subscribers. The more you send relevant mails the more your subscribers see you as an authority in your field.

In between those informative mails, you can also market your products and services. One advantage with email marketing is that it is cheap and it can easily be tracked since you will receive mail on every failed email.

Web scraping

This is a pretty new technique. It is the process of scraping the content of your competitors’ websites to be able to find out what they offer. You need to know their prices in order to fix competitive prices and you also need to find out all their other additional offers.

This is just like espionage in war situations. The more information you have about your competitors the higher your chances of beating them. So, retailers regularly extract data from one another to take business decisions.


Social Media Marketing
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