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Digital Marketing Sacramento

Digital Marketing Sacramento

In the 21st century, consumers receive a barrage of digital marketing messages every time they turn on their smartphone or log onto their computer. How can you make sure that your advertising efforts stand out from the rest of the herd? The answer is simple: digital marketing. Sacramento-based Capitol Tech Solutions understands that a savvy digital presence is not reliant on any single medium, platform or channel. To attract the attention of potential customers, a marketing program must be versatile.

Digital marketing defined

Any type of marketing that involves the use of electronic devices may be termed “digital marketing.” Sacramento business owners can promote products and services online or offline. For a well-rounded marketing strategy that gets results, both online and offline digital marketing techniques are recommended.

Digital marketing in Sacramento to know about

SEO The five-dollar word for this must-have digital strategy is Search Engine Optimization. The concept has been around for years and won't be going away any time soon. That's because search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing are the number one way people find things. When a person does an online search, they typically type one or more words into the engine and click. Within seconds, search results are presented.

This is where it gets good. Say a person is looking to purchase a particular item or hire a certain service. They do a Google search and check the results. Most people go no farther than the first results page they see. Not only that, but the trend is to click a result that is at or very near the top of the first search results page. A web based biz that ranks in this sweet spot will probably be the one the potential customer chooses.

People want your product or service, and they will buy, but only if they can find you. 

When a web page has great SEO, traffic increases. Visitors convert to paying customers, and online reputation improves. If you're looking for first class SEO as part of the strategy of your digital marketing in Sacramento, contact us without delay. Capitol Tech Solutions provides a range of marketing solutions, including SEO that can improve your search engine rankings and boost your business. Yes, it's as simple as that.


We're not about to promise to get you to the #1 spot for your keyword immediately. Any digital marketing in Sacramento company that says they can rank you immediately is not being honest. A great SEO strategy takes a minimum of six moths to achieve your marketing goals. What we can promise is a gradual improvement over time. With our proven digital strategies such as SEO in place, you will see steady improvement in things like inbound traffic, online reputation and customer conversion.

Let's get started today

When you're ready to know more about digital marketing in Sacramento (or anywhere) give us a call or dash us an email. We are Capitol Tech Solutions and we're here to boost your business with the most effective digital marketing strategies.




Digital Marketing Sacramento
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