Black Owned Media Company

Black Owned Media Company

We are a black-owned top 1% media influencer and brand marketing company. We provide top-notch services to startups and well-established companies, we also provide maximum support to black-owned media companies. We have unsurpassed technology and knowledge to develop brand marketing campaigns with well-detailed strategies.

What We Do

We are a top black-owned media agency with a variety of packages for our clients and audience such as;

For Brands

These are some of the marketing and publicity services we offer to brands and businesses. They include

  • Influence marketing
  • Location-based marketing technology
  • Public relations
  • SEO influence marketing
  • Web design


E-commerce is one of the fastest-growing business platforms and we help our clients maximize its significance. We have black digital publishers that specialize in search engine optimization(SEO) to boost the online presence of our clients and give them an edge against the competition.

Our different Search engine optimization includes:

  • SEO for small and medium businesses
  • Enterprise SEO
  • National SEO
  • International SEO


We also have a series of events, seminars, entertainments, and other activities. Our brand is unique and offers different packages and activities to our clients and community. Some of our dynamic services include;

  • Live events
  • TV
  • News
  • Radio
  • Social
  • Meetings
  • Small Business Administration (SBA)
  • 360W!SE Theater

Our History and Experience

We have worked with major brands and have gained a lot of experience in the media industry. Our clients have a satisfactory working relationship with us. We deliver excellent services and have over time improved and gained more experience.

Our Services

Partnering with us is a professional experience from start to finish. We perform expert brand marketing and advertising.

Brand marketing promotes your products or services in a way that builds a strong connection with your target audience and customers.

We do not just push out information about your business or advertise the products or services you deliver in our black-owned newspapers and media company, we develop an effective strategy that positively influences public perception about your business and highlights your overall brand.

Our advertising techniques are outstanding. We push your ads to the targeted audience which leads to high sales success. Getting people to connect with and trust your brand is a gradual process, we work with our clients to achieve that long-term goal.

Why We Are The Best

We are one of the best black-owned media companies and we pride ourselves on creating a unique experience for our clients and partners. We provide the best possible brand positioning and all our customers reach and influence their audience effectively.

We do not stop at the regular, we are building a community of leaders to inspire, empower, and celebrate movement for all ages and levels. We are also concerned about companies that are black-owned and the USA small business sector providing useful information and resources for growth and greatness.

We are a black-owned media company that is fully committed to providing the best services for our clients and partners, and contribute to positive change in the community. Contact 360 W!se for a free consultation with the Top 1% global media black-owned influencer brand marketing company
Phone: 1-844-360-wise
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Black Owned Media Company
Black Owned Media Company
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