Bindery Near Anchorage

Bindery Near Anchorage

Getting a nice and clear print is very important for your customized item. It assists in ensuring your message is well communicated and works in improving brand identity. Other factors are equally as important as getting a good commercial printing service, one of which is bindery. 

After you are done with the printing process, you should consider getting a good company for bindery near Anchorage. Bindery helps to put together sheets of paper and hold them properly together to create a presentable bunch. A single sheet of document such as flyers may not require a full-service bindery. To avoid looking unprofessional by handing out documents with loose pages, finishing and bindery services is necessary.

Our Bindery Services

We offer the best anchorage bindery and finishing services with top-notch equipment and capable hands. Generally, before the binding is done some other processes can be performed to ensure that your job is neatly and perfectly done. Some of them include;

  •  Numbering and Arrangement

Before pages of a booklet are finally bound together, the pages must be properly numbered and arranged. Booklets such as invoices, magazines, and so on require carefully numbering and arrangement 

  • Scoring 

Pages of the booklet need to be properly scored to make the binding process easy and straightforward. Scoring involves creating a smooth fold that can be easily marked and stitched.

  • UV Coating 

UV coating performs two major functions. One is the protection ability and the second is the aesthetic importance. Printed materials that will be handled continually should be coated to prevent them from tearing or wrinkling.

Examples of such materials include business cards, book covers, and so on. UV coating also contributes to the beauty of those surfaces. It provides an extra glossy look to materials such as magazines, brochures, and other promotional items.

Other material preparation processes include; cutting, stapling, laminating, round-cornering, hole drilling, and so on. After these processes bindery services and pricing in Anchorage is the next process.

Bindery Process

Some of our bindery processes include; 

Coil Binding or Spiral Binding

This is an effective way of binding books with a high number of pages, with individual pages around 4-8 inches thick. Such as scrapbooks, notebooks, menus, booklets, proposals, handouts, and so on. 

Wire-O Binding

This is very similar to spiral binding, but it has a more pleasant appearance. Book covers and pages are firstly punched, wire loops are inserted through the holes and the wire loops are squeezed together. This allows the pages to open freely.

Saddle Stitch Binding

This is one of the quickest binding types. It is adequate for books with fewer numbers of pages around 50 sheets. We provide a fast job that can take less than 24 hours depending on the number of books.

Perfect Binding 

We do this type of binding for booklets with wide pages and thick covers. The covers are hinged, scored and the pages are expertly put together and bound.

We provide the best bindery near anchorage. Our jobs are neat, quick, and adequate. Contact Color Art Printing to speak with the best craftsmen of color art in Anchorage
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