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Getting The Most From Your Digital Marketing Campaign

The digital marketing landscape has evolved so rapidly in the last decade that many companies have gotten lost in “me too” programs that do not produce the return on investment that they expect. The level of expertise needed has become so specialized that most small businesses cannot afford to hire a person to do their digital marketing for them.

The following are some of the characteristics that you must have in any digital marketing provider.

Fits you

This idea is difficult for many company owners to grasp. The concept is equally difficult for a majority of companies that deliver digital marketing to produce.

This is the idea that sets your business apart from your competition. It makes you get to the top of your market’s search results.

The only way a provider can deliver what you really want in terms of profit is through a very in depth analysis of where your business is now digitally and where you want to go. The company should have answers that can be backed up with data.

Google is king but not all

There is no doubt that Google is used by more people to search than any other search engine. This means that your web site and social media pages must obey all of the ever changing dictates of the artificial intelligence that controls placement in search results.

You have to understand that the majority of searches are done with phones. This means that your potential new clients will look at three results per page for any search. This makes your competition for the top spot harder than ever.

Your provider has to use data from the results that your site provides to constantly refine your web pages so you appeal to your target market and stay at the top of searches.

Google is not the only search engine. Your provider should tailor your site to be relevant to any search engine so you get top billing and as many new clients as is possible.


The explosion of video on YouTube, on websites, and on social media pages was not for entertainment. There are neurochemical and psychological reasons why video is used to sell and promote. People remember much more of a video that they do the written word. This triggers a higher rate of buy response. That buy response is what your bottom line is looking for.

Video is an art form. The placement of video in a web page where people will notice it and watch it is just as much an art form as making a great video.

Your digital marketing provider must prove that they have the video experience that makes a profit. They must be capable of using data to refine video placement to produce the best response possible.

Getting social

Social media allows you to get personal with existing clients and clients who found you due to good SEO.

One of the best things that social media does is turn satisfied customers into great free salespeople. Numerous studies have shown that your potential clients trust what your existing clients say about you more than all that you can say if you talk forever. One really vocal customer can make your profit for a year.

Video on social media has the same impact as it does anywhere else. There are limitations to video length on some social media sites. The idea is to make a memory that makes a sale.


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