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The Basic Roles Of An Advertising Agency

To understand why you need to hire an advertising agency you should first consider their roles on your business. The truth is that even though there may be slight differences in what advertising agencies offer, every advertising agency offers certain basic services. The basic duties of an advertising agency have been outlined below.


The most important duty of advertisers is research. They carry out several studies to understand what their clients’ customers want and how they want it. Even for a product that is selling fast, once the sales on it begin to reduce, your advertiser will need to carry out a research to find out the problem.

Strategy planning and development

Before entering the market, you need to strategize on the best way to capture your fair share of the market especially when you have competitors that are already in the business before you. It will be difficult to attract customers that already have brands that they support. Your advertiser will definitely handle this task.

When you are established in the market, you also need to strategize how to prevent new entrants from taking over the market from you. Strategy planning does not end. It should be on going as long as you are in business. It is all about retaining your customers and capturing more.


Your advertisers will also carry out promotions for your brand to reinforce your brand and also acquire more customers. You should understand that each time a promotion is carried on your brand, it attracts more customers.

The more promotion you carry out the more customers you acquire. This is the reason even highly successful brands like Coca-cola and Pepsi still don’t stop doing promotions. In fact, it seems it is the most successful companies that even do promotions most.

Brand development

This is necessary when you are entering the market for the first time or when you are planning to diversify into other businesses, you need advertisers that will develop your brand and prepare the market for your entry with numerous brand campaigns.

This is one of the most important duties of an advertiser because the success of any brand depends on how the market accepts the brand.

Media planning

It is the duty of your advertisers to decide on the suitable means of marketing. By virtue of their experience, they are aware of the best means of advertisement for different brands. So, they will handle it all. Such agencies are usually big and they have different departments for different responsibilities.

For instance, they have the SEO department where SEO specialists will work towards raising your search engine ranking. This means that they will also be in charge of the content of your websites. There will be another department for social media marketing. That department will be in charge of all the your social media accounts.

There will be other department for offline advertisement. The biggest advantage of hiring advertisers is that the impact of their advertising efforts on your brand lasts for many years. Even after your contract with your advertisers end, you will still continue to enjoy the impact of their services for many years. It is not possible for any successful brand to just slide into obscurity.


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